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Life Grows Here

Every April, the profession of landscape architecture is celebrated. Known as World Landscape Architecture Month, (WLAM) is a month-long international celebration of landscape architecture and designed public and private spaces. This year's theme, 'Life Grows Here,' is a welcomed message. With the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we are all forced to stay local so what better way to celebrate? Find something homegrown within your own community. In Massachusetts, we fortunately have a wonderful organization called the The Trustees of Reservations plus it has important historical ties to the LA (landscape architecture) world. Founded in 1891 by Charles Eliot, a visionary landscape architect from Boston, Eliot based the Trustees of Reservations' start on "the bold idea that people and places are interconnected, and that preserving our natural and cultural landscapes is key to protecting everyone’s quality of life." How important that same message is 129 years later, especially during these strange and difficult times. Open spaces, these treasured properties are critical to our health and well-being but never more so than now. This spring, this April, this is how 'life grows in' Massachusetts. Enjoy one of the many Trustees' properties but don't forget, without members, its legacy won't last.